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Dave Mustaine Kirk Hammett James Hetfield Lars Ulrich Robert Trujillo Ron McGovney Cliff Burton Jason Newsted Death Magnetic St. Anger Load Reload The Black Album Metallica …And And Justice For All Master Of Puppets Ride The Lightning Kill ’em Em All Whiplash Seek And & Destroy The Four Horsemen Jump In The Fire Fight Fire With Fire Trapped Under Ice For Whom The Bell Tolls Creeping Death Escape Disposable Heroes Lepper Messiah Welcome Home Sanitarium The Thing That Should Not Be Battery Damage Inc. The Unforgiven Of Wolf And Man Holier Than Thou Sad But True Don’t Tread On Me Through The Never Enter Sandman King Nothing Slither Fuel Carpe Diem Baby Better Than You Fuel All Nightmare Long St Anger Frantic Purify The Unnamed Feeling Sweet Amber Cyanide Orion Instrumental Pulling Teeth The Unforgiven II The Unforgiven III Broken Beat And Scarred Suicide And & Redemption

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