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  • Top 10(ish)

    Wherever I May Roam
    The Unforgiven
    Sad But True

    Load (1996)
    Bleeding Me

    Reload (1997)
    The Unforgiven II

    St. Anger (2003)
    The Unnamed Feeling
    Shoot Me Again
    Invisible Kid

    Death Magnetic (2008)
    Broken, Beat & Scarred
    All Nightmare Long

    Spit Out The Bone

  • 10. Enter Sandman
    9. Wherever I May Roam
    8. Fuel
    7. Where The Wild Things Are
    6. St. Anger
    5. All Within My Hands
    4. Halo On Fire
    3. Bleeding Me
    2. Fixxxer

    Honorable mentions

    Nothing Else Matters
    The God That Failed
    The Unforgiven I, II, and III
    Sad But True
    Some Kind Of Monster
    Invisible Kid
    The Unnamed Feeling
    Memory Remains
    Low Mans Lyric
    Rebel Of Babylon
    All Nightmare Long
    Just A Bullet Away
    Every Other post 80s Metallica Song

    1. The Outlaw Torn

  • 10. Enter Sandman
    9. Moth into flame
    8. Until it sleeps
    7. The memory remains
    6. The day that never comes
    5. The outlaw torn
    4. Sad but true
    3. Nothing else matters
    2. Halo on fire
    1. All within my hands

  • 10. No Leaf Clover
    9. Where The Wild Things Are
    8. Halo On Fire
    7. My Friend Of Misery
    6. The House Jack Built
    5. The Judas Kiss
    4. The Unnamed Feeling
    3. Bleeding Me
    2. Fixxxer
    1. The Outlaw Torn

  • 10 St Anger 9 Of Wolf and Man. 8 No Leaf Clover 7 The House Jack built 6 Fuel 5 Low Man's Lyric 4 Halo On Fire 3 The Outlaw Torn 2 Nothing Else Matters 1 The Unforgiven

  • My list would be: 10. My friend of misery 9.Nothing Else Matters 8.Some Kind Of Monster 7.All Nightmare long 6. St Anger 5.Unforgiven 2 4.Bleeding Me 3.Atlas, Rise! 2.Enter Sandman 1.Spit Out The Bone

  • I would put until it sleeps and of wolf and men on mine but you've got most of mine.