For the first time, Alex Jones discusses one of his rare pet peeves with the President.

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22 комментария

  • Memo is vague. Trump is definitely not out of the woods. Though I'd like to think so. Memo does not disprove Russia case. Memo is tip of iceberg for sure.

  • Best and most honest video by Alex in some time. This is Trumps major failing. Infowars needs to hammer this home to Trump

  • 666 Kushner took 250 million from George Soros, that isn't a problem with you?

  • Maybe Russia needs to drain there swamp also!!! Russia has made a very positive turn in becoming a Christian Nation !!!! Yaaaaaa : )

  • I think President Trump has specific things happening to him that have happened to each one of us. The specific things I am referencing is (like all of us have done at one time or another) putting faith or give trust to a person(s) that later have back stabbed him. For President Trump it is different because the person(s) who have back stabbed him are trying to promote their own political ambitions. For us(raise your hand if it applies to you) we don't have to worry about politicians backstabbing us on a personal level. We have trustingly dealt with physicians, contractors, lawyers, law-enforcement, government, family, et cetera who constantly mislay our trust. The sad part is this type of behavior is becoming more vogue in today's world :O(

    Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all!! This IS our only real hope!!

  • Just pretend it's a Jason Bourne mission Alex @ Russia meeting

  • So now Trump's so weak he can be bullied by the neocons?…lol…so when he's talking up how he wants to pump billions into the military industrial complex that's actually not Trump but somebody forcing him to say that? Wow you've really done a good job propagandising anybody who believes that bullshit Alex, you should get an Oscar for your performance art.

  • When you criticise Neo-cons and you realise you are one….

  • There's been a long standing prophecy in the eastern Christian tradition that if America doesn't doesn't change it's ways, that what began in Russia (destructive atheist collectivism), will end in America. It seems we are nearing that crossroad.

  • The Neocons are actually a Trotsky communists.

  • Ukraine deserves to have its own Country, Alex is wrong on that issue. They're very pro-white too, which is something that (((Alex))) hates.

  • If it gets any worse he will not have my vote next election. We need someone with the mental capacity to resist the manipulation of those trying to get us into a war with Russia.

  • This is so very true. Alex is right!

  • A vote of 98 to 2 is not bullying. It's the will of the american people. Trump decided to defy this will and not implement the sanctions our legal body passed. Trump works for Russia, not America. D'uh… So one day hes the master of the universe, the next day hes a victim.. I thought he never stopped winning… Now hes being bullied.. Which is it??

  • A division of the Chinese military showed up at the new military base near Round Rock, Texas last night. It was easy to feel all of those scared military men who were very freaked out at being so far into America. The Chinese leader is level headed and focused on his job. Why are they here? I do not know. But there are a lot of them.

  • Trump will winagain and use his energy from the lord

  • Isn't it funny that the Superbowl is real patriotic the Eagles vs the Patriots hmm 🤔

  • Ukraine is run by nationalists, and the separatists support Marxism.

  • I love Alex but he never shuts up!!!Mike Adams is a phenomenal guys but he won’t let him finish a sentence!!! So Frustrating!!!

  • Not is ONLY failure… He promised to stay out of Syria and that was a lie .. Also giving Saudi Arabia a 350 Billion dollar weapons deal was a total globalist move further funding ISIS.

  • They dont have hope they are dead and have been dead for decades and decades and decades and decades and decades and decades and decades every election that democrats so called won was illegal hacked set up lies altered in every way . This is a proven fact beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Ok but i also dont trust russia either they for inclusion with Democrats over uranium one. So cant trust them either